My Story









Waaay back in 1996, I had my hair braided. 

I was hooked


Within months I had multi coloured braids, dreads and wraps, and soon was doing all sorts of crazy things to my friends' hair too.


With 24 years experience of my own hair and other people's,

I have created new dreadlocks, installed dread extensions

braids, braid extensions, rope twist extensions, styled dreadlocks for weddings, done rainbow wraps at festivals,

 children's centres and parties,

and done dread maintenance on literally hundreds of heads!

I can do Dutch and French braids and cornrows,

and have a good eye for colour,

should you need help choosing any added colours 

to compliment your style.

​I have a variety of techniques for creating and attaching synthetic and natural extensions, and for natural dreadlocks I just use my trusty crochet hook and nothing else, unless you ask me too of course.

I have worked in 2 different shops in Camden's Stable Market and High Street, and I now live in Brighton where I have continued my work for the last 15 years.

Recently I have become more adventurous, trying out hair sculptures creating flowers, hats and more out of people's own hair, so I am making this my next project!